Who is Tracking Me Online?

online tracker

Have you noticed that someone is monitoring you online? 

Tracking tools, scripts and cookies are usually used by trackers to monitor your Internet activity and collect private information. Most online trackers do this to customize ads while others pursue their own goals. If you want to learn more about online tracking, you won’t be disappointed in this article.

What is online tracking?

Online trackers collect information about your online activities. Therefore, where you were, who you are and what you like are all contained in the information collected.

Who are the online trackers?

There are many online trackers among which the websites you visit, ISP, government and hackers are the most common trackers.

Internet service provider

Your internet service provider usually keeps a track of everything you do online, including the websites you visit and when you visit each website.


You should pay attention to hackers spying on you and trying to steal your private data. They usually cause terrible consequences, such as identity theft, financial losses, etc.


The government is another Internet tracker you should pay attention to. Sometimes the government even forces social media companies to share user data.


When you visit a site, you are monitored not only by the site itself but also by external tracking devices that exist on the site.

There are even tracking cookies that are attached to you and monitor your activity on other pages where they are not generated. If you receive tracking cookies, your browsing history will be tracked by you without your consent.

Why are they tracking you?

As mentioned earlier, many sites and services collect user data to display personalized content or to provide personalized services. Some companies behind sites even sell user data for revenue.

Take Google as an example, there are many Google services get all kinds of personally identifiable information from users. Unlike other companies, Google does not sell user data to other people. It uses private data to display targeted ads.

To prevent you from being tracked online, you can use a VPN service.

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