The Disadvantages of Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are widely used on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets to automatically remove unwanted online advertisements, including pop-up windows, embedded audio and video, web banners, and so on.

Ad blockers are helpful in removing ads, speeding up page load, extending the battery life of our devices, reducing the use of data or bandwidth, and protecting our privacy from ad servers and malware. Thanks to ad blockers, we can enjoy clean websites and read articles or watch videos without distraction. 

Although many people are using ad blockers for browsing, many people also enjoy surfing the Internet without an ad blocker. Let’s find out the disadvantages of ad blocking. 

Advertising blockers block more than just advertising.

Ad blockers do remove ads for you. But it also breaks legitimate websites. Some websites won’t let you pay a visit until you disable the ad blocker. For example, some users have been denied access to YouTube because they are using ad blockers. 

There are all kinds of websites that will deny your access if you use an ad blocker. So, what would you do? Would you give up visiting this site? Or disable your ad blocker for specific websites? 

Blocking ads has a big impact on the free content available to users.

A number of websites depend on ad income. If we all use an ad blocker, they are likely to go out of business and you can no longer access the contents they provide. We get used to putting content online for free. However, financing websites costs a good deal of money. Since the Internet is convenient for us to access free content, it deserves seeing a few ads in exchange. 

Untrusted ad blockers can collect and sell your data to third parties.

Ad blocking blocks prevent ad providers from monitoring you. However, untrusted ad blockers can track your online activity and get revenue by selling your information to others. 

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