The Best Working VPN for China

The Best Working VPN for China

VPN seems to be a must for many people in China. If you’re in China, you may need to post on Instagram, Facebook, or watch YouTube videos, Google some study materials, visit news sites, or watch adult videos on Pornhub. That’s why you have to climb the firewall in China. However, using a VPN in China poses legal risks, and the country is taking measures to block VPNs. Finding a working VPN for China is not easy.

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The great firewall of China

The so-called “firewall” is also known as the Great Firewall of China (GFW). As the Internet plagued by viruses, pornography, and other threats, China has built this GFW to protect Internet users in China from malicious and inappropriate websites or apps. Many websites and services in China are blocked by the GFW. If you come to China without a VPN, you are not able to use services that you use every day in your home country. Now that unlocking websites is required for both personal life and work, most Chinese Internet users install a VPN to bypass the GWF. Thus, they can access the external network to meet their daily and business needs. This is called “climbing over the firewall”. 

Regulation of VPN in China

Cross-border network services are basic telecommunications companies and users must contact qualified telecommunications operators to purchase such services or to use public networks. At present, there are only three basic telecommunications companies, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, qualified for international communications services, international Internet data transmission services and international data communications services.

VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, establishes a private encrypted point-to-point connection between the user and the VPN server. VPN users then connect to the Internet through the VPN server. With this technology, your data is sent through the encrypted VPN tunnel to the Internet. Individuals and cross-border e-commerce companies often bypass the firewall with a VPN to access services such as Google and Facebook, which are blocked by the GFW.

China has not issued any relevant rules on VPN-related services or technologies. However, you should try to avoid VPN uses, especially for illegal purposes.

The penalty for the illegal use of VPNs is not defined. But you should pay attention to the following things. Users of VPN services are not held responsible for browsing websites that do not display inappropriate information. If you are caught for copying and distributing illegal posts, you will be fined or punished.  

Use RitaVPN in China

A large number of websites and services are not available in China. You need to unblock sites with the best working VPN for China. Since almost all VPN apps are removed from app distribution platforms such as the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, etc., a VPN should be installed on your device before landing in China. Otherwise, you can not download it in China.

RitaVPN differs from other VPNs for the following 5 reasons:

Bypass the great firewall of China. The very first thing to consider when choosing a VPN for China is whether it is capable of “climbing over the firewall”.

China’s great firewall blocks many popular sites in the world. China has invested a lot of money to build this system and also to block VPN servers. It’s usually the case that some VPNs that unblocked websites in the past don’t work now. As a result, your VPN that bypassed geographic restrictions in China may now be blocked.

RitaVPN is the best VPN for China that still works. You can rest assured to bypass geo-blocks and encrypts your traffic data with RitaVPN. It will not let you down.

Easy to use. RitaVPN is the simplest VPN that allows you to surf the Internet anonymously and securely at any time. You do not need to know any techniques or configure this VPN. Everything is ready for you. You just have to download it and click on a button to start it.

Fast speed. With RitaVPN, you can not only visit geo-blocked websites and services but also enjoy a fast speed. Whenever you want to watch videos on region-blocked websites, you can enjoy an impressively high speed because RitaVPN doesn’t restrict bandwidth or traffic. Unlimited transmission capacity and speed are also used by RitaVPN to provide better VPN services.  

Kill switch. As an advanced VPN feature, it prevents you from accessing an unprotected Internet connection when your online traffic is not sent through a VPN. This technique aims to protect your online activities and IP addresses from accidental data breaches when a VPN connection drops. It continuously monitors your connection for status or IP address changes. If it detects that you get disconnected from the VPN, your Internet connection will be immediately disabled until the VPN connection is restored or you close the VPN application.

High-quality encryption. RitaVPN uses a CA authentication system (use asymmetric cryptography). The biggest advantage of an asymmetric cryptography system is extremely high security. RitaVPN provides 1024-bit asymmetric key algorithms to ensure user authentication when communicating with the gateway server. In addition, RitaVPN uses the MD5 message-digest data processing algorithm to ensure data integrity.

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