How Does RitaVPN Protect Your Privacy

First of all, you can visit our website to get RitaVPN application and mobile application. Free trials allow you to use our services without subscription. But we kindly recommend you to register and get your own RitaVPN account. In this way, premium services are available for you. Then, you are able to surf anonymously on the Internet and keep your privacy to yourself. How does RitaVPN do this? Let’s check it out.

RitaVPN protects your privacy by using encryption technologies to build a tunnel between your device and the VPN server. Unblock websites Traffic travel through this tunnel can’t be tracked or monitored by any hackers or snoopers.

When you connect a server of RitaVPN, your ISP takes the IP address of the VPN server as that of you so that your real IP address is hidden. No one can track your location. You will get private access to the Internet.   

As is known to VPN users, many VPNs guarantee an extremely strict no-logs privacy policy. So does RitaVPN. It means that we never record your online activities or IP address while you are using our services.

Thus, the most important thing that RitaVPN does in protecting users’ privacy is to keep a no-log policy. Email address and other basic personal data collected as part of the service data are required to ensure the functionality of the product while using VPN. We have a privacy policy that accurately describes what the service does, what information it collects, and how it protects this information. The information you provide will be deleted if you are going to stop using our VPN services. Any changes about the service would keep you informed through the email you register with.

 For users who want privacy, we will meet all your needs. Your privacy is our priority.

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