How Does Google Know About Me

There are many services today that make life more convenient than it used to be, but it poses a threat to our privacy. For example, when you use Google services, Google collects your personal information in order to provide you with customized advertising. 

Google services are everywhere. How does Google collect your information through these services?

Google Search: It allows Google to keep a history of topics that interest you. And you will see relevant advertisements when you browsing websites.

Google Chrome: Chrome is a good-to-use best web browser. It allows Google to track what websites you visited, even if you have not opened that website through a search. 

YouTube: Google stores the videos you viewed, liked and uploaded on YouTube.

Gmail: Gmail maintains a list of all contacts from which you send and receive e-mail. It also knows the content of the e-mail. 

Google Hangouts: This service gathers information about your contacts and conversations for Google.

Google Maps: Google uses this popular service to access your location and search history. Not only does Google know the places you’ve been, but also the time you’ve spent in each place. 

Waze: Since many people may take Waze as an alternative to Google Maps, we’d like to let you know that it is another popular Google service.

Google Calendar: Google has access to your social events through Google Calendar. Your appointments and upcoming plans are tracked by Google. It can even know when and where would you attend an event. For Google, it’s so valuable to know your big events.

Google Fit: Another useful service for Google to track how many steps you took during the day and how much time you spent walking is Google Fit. 

Google Photos: It not only stores the photo but also records when and where you took this photo. 

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