Best VPN to Unblock Websites Anonymously in Qatar 2020

Qatar is listed as a highly humane nation by the UN and is widely regarded as the most advanced human development Arab state. It is also a high-income economy, backed by the third-largest reserves of natural gas and oil reserves in the world.

This beautiful country attracts many tourists coming here to experience the Arabic culture and enjoy the great events like National Holiday with residents here. Nevertheless, ex-pats and tourists are unable to access geo-restricted websites or social media in Qatar due to their geo-blockade on the internet. The government has just lifted Whatsapp’s ban this year since it was banned in 2017, which was exciting news for Qatar citizens. Other social media such as Skype or calling services from Facetime have not yet been confirmed to be lifted.

So in order to unblock websites and access geo-restricted content or services, the best solution for it could be using a VPN(Virtual Private Networks).

What is a VPN? Is it safe?

A VPN is a vital tool to secure your digital data, privacy and online business. It masks your IP address by connecting to a server located in another country and fakes another IP address so that third parties can not monitor your real IP to access your personal details. It also protects the security of your network connections, such as public Wi-Fi, which is most insecure. Thus shielding users from undue internet censorship, the VPN provides a digital tunnel, so this encrypted internet connection can remain hidden, as the VPN server makes it difficult for others by combining the IP with others. In this way, you should rest assured you’re not going to get a fine or get into prison with a VPN.

What is Killswitch?

One of VPN’s common technologies is called killswitch. A VPN killswitch is a security mechanism that stops all network traffic automatically if the VPN connection drops suddenly. This prevents the detection of the actual IP of the user and leakage of data.

What is the best VPN in Qatar?

Somehow, free VPNs need to make money, it can make money out of your privacy and online traffic data. Considering that VPN providers have different pricing plans, it’s not like the best ones are the most expensive ones. The best is for your own needs at all times.

For example, if you use VPN to unblock website and watch sports event, movies, TV shows streaming websites. A fast-speed VPN should be considered. Some VPNs offers dedicated lines from the Middle East to the EU / US, such as RitaVPN. In addition, if you want to completely bypass the internet restrictions imposed in Qatar, you need to get one with as many servers as possible. One thing that concerns the scope of the VPN available and compliant on the network of your digital devices, such as iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux.

It’s never too late to add an extra layer of security to your digital devices. If we are living in this period of the new information age, it is necessary to avoid eavesdropping, hacking and detection with technology we could use. Now you have taken a step to get to know more about cybersecurity. It’s time to explore freely with VPNs and stay safe online.


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