6 Tips to Shop Safely Online During Black Friday

6 Tips to Shop Safely Online During Black Friday

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Black Friday is just around the corner. It is a good time for you to get big discounts on shopping as well as for hackers to steal your hard-earned money and private information. Although you can save money on Black Friday, you will lose more if you don’t care for your safety while shopping online.

Many online retailers offer big deals during Black Friday. You can save a lot of money if you can grab the chance. $1 for Black Friday will bring you more goods than usual. If you want to find the lowest price of your desired products, you should make a comprehensive comparison of various shopping websites. Besides, due to price discrimination, you can also try a VPN to get a lower price.

It is true that you will be very happy while shopping. But being the victim of cyber attacks will make you unhappy because your private data or money might be stolen.  

Thus, we offer you 6 tips to avoid the risks of online shopping.

Don’t download apps from unknown sources. You should always download the application from the official app store. Hackers and fraudsters often use fake shopping apps to steal your credit card information. What’s worse, if you download malware, your device will be affected. And your data in the device will be under the control of others.

Visit websites that use “HTTPS” because HTTPS websites encrypt the communication between you and the website. While websites that use HTTP don’t use encryption technology to protect your data. You can check if there is a green padlock next to the website’s URL.   

You should definitely only buy online with a credit card. If you pay by credit card rather than a banking debit card, this gives more protection when there is any problem with your purchase, your card is used fraudulently or you don’t get your goods.

Don’t trust unreasonable prices. We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. A surprisingly low price might be a trap made by hackers for malicious purposes.   

In addition, you shouldn’t click on malicious links. These links may bring you to a phishing website or download malware for you. Always keep an eye on such links.   

Last but not least, hide your IP address with a VPN. VPN services are good at preventing others from tracking you on the Internet because your real IP address will be masked with that of the VPN server you connect to. Besides, VPN services will make your traffic data unreadable by using encryption technology. Therefore, you can shop safely online.

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