5 Easy Tips to Secure Your Home Security Cameras

5 Easy Tips to Secure Your Home Security Cameras

Smart home devices are increasingly popular among users. We will inevitably purchase some smart products such as smart speakers and smart cameras when we shop online. People who keep pets are more likely to install a home smart camera to watch their pets. Home security cameras are powerful in function and favorable in price. But it is also likely to compromise your privacy.

Home security cameras are designed to enhance your home security. Nowadays, however, more and more images of users are shared on the Internet because their home security cameras are hacked.  

“Weak Password” leaves your home security camera vulnerable to hackers

A lot of scanning apps enable you to access a camera secretly because they will crack the IP address and password for you. It can crack a large number of IP addresses and passwords because many cameras use weak passwords. When you enter the IP address and password to log into the app, you will get access to the camera.

Security cameras that use weak passwords are commonly exploited by hackers to monitor you. Public cameras used for urban management and traffic monitoring can also get hacked easily.

DO NOT use fake security cameras

Generally, the network security and data encryption capabilities of the smart camera are very weak. Some camera manufacturers even make money by accessing your camera without your permission. What you are doing will be visible to them and even more people.

Where to install your home security camera

We don’t recommend you install the camera in a private place such as a bedroom. You should also pay attention to this even if your camera is not a fake one.

Use strong passwords for your camera

You should set strong passwords for your smart camera and other home networking devices, including PCs, wireless APs and routers.

Power off the camera if you are at home

When a person is at home, the smart camera should be powered off, which is the most reliable way to ensure your safety.

Keep away from PTZ cameras

You don’t need the pan/tilt function for home security cameras in most cases. Although PTZ cameras allow you to monitor larger areas of your home, it also makes it possible for hackers to have a larger view of your home. You are safer with a camera with a fixed viewing angle.

To sum up, technology itself is a double-edged sword. It is difficult to prevent data breaches completely. But you can always reduce the risks of data breaches by taking precautions. In addition to your home security camera, we also recommend you secure your mobile devices and desktops with a VPN.

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