4 Reasons to Get an Ad Blocker

Online advertising is becoming more and more annoying. It’s hard for us to ignore the ads. They seem to be everywhere on the Internet. They distract you until you close them. Fortunately, there are ad blockers to avoid too many ads on the Internet.

What are ad blockers?

An ad blocker is used to remove or modify online advertising in an application or web browser, including images, web banners, animations, text, embedded audio and video, as well as pop-up windows, etc. This works by breaking the connection between content providers and third-party networks or blocking tracking scripts that monitor users’ online activity. Blocking advertising has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the following sections, we will talk about the benefits of an ad blocker.

Why you should use an ad blocker?

  • There will be fewer distractions. 

This is the most obvious advantage of an ad blocker. Ad blockers remove annoying pop-ups and leave you reader-friendly pages. You can read articles or enjoy videos without distractions.

  • Pages load faster. 

No advertising any more speeds up the loading of pages. Without ad blocking, it takes much longer for the content of the entire page to be displayed. May it be pictures, texts or videos that slow down the loading process.

  • Safe surfing. 

Ads are not just ads, they’re also designed to collect your personal information and online activities so that you can receive the precise feed. Some ads servers even earn money by selling your information to others. What’s worse, ads can be malware. Once you click on it, you download malware that was created to damage your device. 

  • Reduce data and battery consumption. 

More importantly, advertisements increase your mobile data and battery consumption when you visit new websites. The use of an ad blocker can reduce the consumption of your data and the battery to some extent. 

You can also try a VPN service to protect you from malicious ads.

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